Touch Panel Controls

Projector Control

Power on the Data/Video projector via the POWER ON button.
Block the projection with the BLANK SCREEN button.

Screen Control

Raise and lower the projection screen on this panel.
The screen will stop automatically.
This action can be interrupted, as needed.
Not all auditoriums support this control.

Input Selection

Touch and hold the CAMERAS button to access a Camera Control Menu.
In certain rooms with DVD/VHS players, touch and hold the input button to access a Control Menu.

Volume / Microphones

VOLUME on the main page usually controls all the audio going to the classroom. (Some locations, this controls onlye the Media input audio, and not the mics audio.)
Rooms with microphones (or microphone inputs) may also have a more in-depth Control Menu. To access this, select the MICROPHONE CONTROL button.
This menu will allow control over each audio input. Certain rooms allow control over input audio going to the Room Computer for recording purposes.

Lighting Control

Certain auditoriums allow lighting control from this panel.
There may be presets on the main panel, and/or select the LIGHTING CONTROLS button to access a Control Menu with more options.