Windows 10 Room PC Information

The PC in this room is a Dell with Windows 10

The PC should be on, but may be asleep, upon entering the room.
Wake the PC with the mouse or keyboard, and be sure the monitor is powered on.
If the PC is powered off, then press the small square button on the computer itself.

Logging In

As of Fall 2019, all users should be under the domain "UM-AD\"

This PC will be set to a default domain "UMC-USERS\".
If you are a student, with the Hospital, or from another campus, be sure to begin entering your ID with "TIGERS\", "UMHS-USERS\", or whichever is appropriate.


If the PC is not displaying on the projector, be sure the projector is set to the correct input. If the projector is correct, then be sure the PC is set to DUPLICATE. To do this, click the "DUPLICATE TO PROJECTOR" shortcut, or press and hold the WINDOWS key and press the "P" key to access the projection settings. Select the DUPLICATE option from the selections by continually pressing "P", and arrow key, or your mouse. When the WINDOWS key is released, the PC monitor will flash, and the image should be duplicated on any connected display device. (This will work on Windows tablets and laptops as well.)

External Drive and DVD Playback

When connecting an external USB drive to the room PC, it will not automatically pop up.
Click on the folder in the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen and select THIS PC in the right column of the window that opens.
The USB external drive will show in this window.

To playback a CD or DVD, follow these steps as well.
If the CD or DVD does not play properly when clicking on it, then return to the THIS PC window.
Right-Click on the CD or DVD in the THIS PC window to access the Context Menu.
Select OPEN WITH... from the Context Menu and choose a different playback software option.

Logging Out

To LOG OUT of the ROOM PC, access the START MENU by selecting the WINDOWS icon in the bottom right (or press the WINDOWS key on the keyboard)
Then click on the ACCOUNT icon (five icons above the START MENU icon, to the far left)
Select SIGN OUT from the Contect Menu

Call (573) 882-5000 to report equipment problems or for additional information.

Updated: July 24, 2020

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